Inner Worlds

                           A group exhibition at the Fitzrovia Gallery curated by Rebecca Gilpin 

Showing,  Rebecca Gilpin, Lucy Jagger, Andrew Graves, Angela Johnson, Charlotte Winifred Guérard and Tony Antrobus

The paintings in this show employ a process which is temporal, grappling, sifting, unplanned – spontaneously finding meaning and exploring internal landscapes. These six painters attempt to structure knowledge and to make sense, making work that responds to their surroundings as they travel through life.

These are paintings that think – that are enjoying the starts and stops of a journey, playful meandering forms that map as they move through the world. Musical notes on shapes with broken edges, criss-crossed with straight and un-straight lines that rain corrupted colour.

The paintings’ relationship to time, reveal an insight into the fugitive moments that sit between and through an image. These works are in dialogue with each other, a discussion about making and encounters, control and release.

First image credit Milo Robin